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For the Love of Food Cooking Team Building Denver 


Cooking Team Building is is play with a purpose! Loaded with humor, innovation, and fun, activities are specifically designed to get participants functioning as a cohesive unit.

Participants are required to define problems, visualize outcomes, share, analyze and try ideas, negotiate personal differences, cooperate…. and reach solutions.

Then, facilitators help the group explore change and team issues by engaging participants in a process which reveals key learning that can be transferred back to the workplace, school, or team. Your group will love participating - and you'll love the results!

For the Love of Food focuses on bringing out the best in your team! By highlighting your team's strength sand overcoming weaknesses we never let up the energy while motivating your team to be the best it can be - in & out of the workplace!

Recent Testimonial from McCormick Spice: Thank you again for the great Corporate Team Building event on Monday! The McCormick and Kroger teams loved it! It was a great way to kick off our "ideation" session on sauces and everyone had a fun time! 

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Workplace Woes: The Team-Building Retreat

NPR's report finds that Cooking Team Building, where your team collaborates to make a meal, and then sits down and shares the meal, is the most effective Team Building Activity with long lasting results!

If like many companies, you’re searching for an ideal way to improve team morale, boost group communication, and bolster corporate results, what better way than a day out of the office learning new skills and having fun the same time? 

Studies have shown that Culinary Team Building events are far more effective and produce longer lasting results than traditional team activities. The kitchen is a familiar, yet powerful, environment for simulating real world challenges and the perfect host for team building activities. Using the kitchen as a learning environment, your group will discover how to achieve their objectives by working as a cohesive team through effective communication, planning and leadership.

Challenges to the group’s creativity, communication, cooperation and time/resource management are inherent in the cooking process. In addition, the experience is designed to allow everyone from the novice cook to a master chef to participate comfortably. Cooking-based team building fosters the elements of open communication, thoughtful resource allocation and successful risk taking. Whether competitive or collaborative, working together in the kitchen breaks down barriers and builds bridges

Laugh and learn as you participate in the planning and execution of a menu – either entirely of your own design or creative adaptations on recipes we can provide! The best part is, preparing a meal is the perfect metaphor for teamwork ~ and the meal itself becomes the symbol of the team's successful integration of ideas and talents!

Throughout the 3 ½ - 4 hour session participants will discover that the only way to achieve their objectives is to work as a cohesive team, utilizing effective communication, planning and leadership.

Culinary Corporate Team Building is truly the ‘great equalizer’ bringing people together to improve communication, hone problem-solving skills, build morale and invoke spontaneous displays of joy.

From an intimate group of 10 enjoying “Just Desserts” with one Chef, to a 130 persons battling out a “CHOPPED! Challenge” with 10 Chefs, For the Love of Food is ready to get the fire going for any of your culinary team building needs. 

Some of Our Corporate Team Building Clients...

...McCain Foods, T. Rowe Price, Kroger Supermarkets, Denver City & County, Eli Lilly, Wells Fargo, University of Maryland, Endo Pharmecuticals, & many more!!